How to Pray For Family Far from God

This blog is a few simple suggestions to help pray for family far from God. It’s not a formula or steps to follow. I find having some steps to follow helps to get me going, but always leave space for the Holy Spirit’s specific leadership in prayer. Can I encourage you to see the Holy

Prayer for the church to wake up from our sleep.

A friend recently posted this. “My expectation for what God wants to do in these times to draw people to Himself has shot through the roof. I believe He wants to take us places we’ve never been before. I believe we need to take both ourselves and the Lord out of any box we may

Revival Ride Prayers Part 7: Radical Remnant Lead Revival

The fore-runners of revival are the radical remnant who persevere in prayers of faith for God to save. They are following in the foot-steps of Simeon and Anna who we read of in Luke 2:25-38. The Holy Spirit is stirring and leading a remnant within church to join him and Jesus in their intercession for

Revival Prayers Part 6: Holy Spirit Fellowship

A revival of ‘Fellowship with the Holy Spirit” The prayer arising in my heart as I rode from Mokinui to Nelson was for revival of ‘fellowship with the Holy Spirit” to flow through church. Gentle Annie Campground in Mokonui is one of those rustic beautiful places. It’s refreshing just to visit. I felt a cry

Revival Ride Prayers Part 5: Worship is Intercession.

In February 2019 I went on a revival ride of over 7,000 km’s around New Zealand. I was riding with the Holy Spirit praying for New Zealand. My last camp on my South Island ride was Gentle Annie Campground on the Mokinui River, 50 kilometres up the coast from Westport, on 2nd February. It’s a