Some Coaching for Revival

Thanks for reading this. I’m rejoicing in the goodness of our Father and the Holy Spirit who is with me coaching my heart in revival of faith in prayer and the word of God. This blog is our of my devotional time with Our Father this morning. I began posing the question: How am I

How the Spirit is leading me to pray for revival?

The Holy Spirit is not asking me or you to be perfect models of prayer. But he is asking us to be the prayers we pray. This blog follows my blog on what does revival prayer look like; you can read it here. As I launch into a new kingdom assignment, leaving my church

What does revival prayer look like?

What does revival prayer look like? This was the question I asked the Holy Spirit this morning? I asked this question because I have a growing call in my heart to devote myself to prayer. Because prayer partners with Jesus intercession. Christ Jesus is the one who died—more than that, who was raised—who is at

What troubles our soul?

My bible reading this morning took me to John 12, I was thinking of the seed mentioned in verse twenty-four. As I read verse twenty-seven lit up, as I realised my soul was troubled. I’m hoping you will be troubled to. John 12:27 ” “Now is my soul troubled. And what shall I say? ‘Father,

Having the right reference point for truth

Knowing the right reference point is a truth experience. Recently I joined the White Ribbon Riders nine day motorcycle ride around the South Island of New Zealand. Motor-bikes have small fuel tanks. So ensuring we have enough petrol to reach the next petrol station is a constant consideration.  My bike doesn’t have a fuel gauge, but