Jesus, Just as I am, I come.

Since the late eighties in the parts of the body of Christ I have connected with, a common prayer has been, “Come Holy Spirit”. And I have prayed this many times, even though I don’t see it in the bible. However these days I’m focusing on praying, I come. The bible tells us that the

Our Passions are Destroying Us

Our Passion or His Passion Often we talk of our passions as little gods, as if pursuing our passions is a good thing. I’m struggling with this. It is a great deception, which is leading many believers away from their ‘sonship’ in Jesus Christ. The spirit of this world with all its messages to us

Revival Begins with Our Repentance

Repentance is taking ‘it’ off and tearing it up.  And the ‘It’ is whatever we are holding that is not the redeeming blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our ‘It” is a scheme we believe, but it is not from God. You see our spiritual growth begins in repentance and moves into praise. Jeremiah 6:19

Why I self-isolate and keep social distance in the face of covid-19.

Just 4 weeks ago I went to a church service in Scotland where covid-19 social distancing was practiced, and those feeling vulnerable were encouraged to stay home. A new practice of bumping elbows replaced hand-shakes and high fives. Within a couple of days, future services were cancelled and I was facing 14 days self-isolation on

How the Spirit is leading me to pray in covid-19? A new thing!

I’m in covid-19 self-isolation by the beach in Whitianga. This might be self-isolation from people, but it’s opportunity to be up-close with Our Father. As I asked the Holy Spirit, what to pray? He said, pray for my ‘church’ to arise and shine like Daniel. Arise and shine like Daniel In Daniel 9:2 we find