It’s True: God Generously Gives!

I want  to grow in seeing how generously God gives to us, how He invites us to ask and receive.

On the last Sunday in December 2017, I set a simple challenge before the congregation of Unite Church where I lead; to read through Ephesians and ask some reflective questions.

The questions are from a reflective exercise called Lectio Divina which is Latin for divine reading. The format is simple and can lead to profound growth in our spiritual life. The process goes like this.

Read the scripture text out loud to yourself:

Listen for the touch/expression of Jesus the Living Word.

Reflect on a word or phrase in the text that speaks to your heart, write it down.

Read the scripture text out loud to yourself:

Ask, how is Jesus the speaking to me? Write it down.

Read the scripture text out loud to yourself:

Ask, What does Jesus the Word invite me to do? Write it down.

Generously generous

So on January 1st I began the challenge and read Ephesians 1:1-6, and immediately the Spirit of God stirred up my faith; it was like a rebuke, a challenge, and an exciting opportunity to get to know God better all at the same time.

The Spirit of Jesus touched my heart affirming he chose me to be with Him before I was aware of Him, and this is his pleasure. He enjoys having me in his eternal family, and this encourages me and brings joy to my heart.

I became aware that he was speaking to me from these verses, saying: I delight to provide for you, to give to you, to bless you freely and lavishly; and whatever is the Father’s is available to you; every spiritual blessing. Our Father in heaven is generously generous.

Safe from lack

And I heard him saying: Paul, you are safe from lack, and I experienced the present and real love of God driving out fear of lack from my life. And it banished  thoughts that were saying some things were too small to bother God about, and that God may get tired of my asking. No, he delights to hear my asking, and is pleased to be generous.

As I read I saw  Jesus inviting me to see myself as a faithful son of God, freely receiving his generously given grace, which is available to me in Jesus Christ.  I saw myself  remembering who I am, and how my Father is pleased to bless me. Our Father in heaven knows ahead of time what I need, and he plans to lead me to where he can give to me. Therefore I can live free from anxiety about tomorrow.

I have discovered the Holy Spirit is patient and persistent with me, teaching me to see myself desired by God, his chosen son whom he freely and generously blesses. This is special and for all people, including you. The purpose and plan of God is to invite all people into his eternal family in Jesus Christ, so he can be with them and bless them.

Today is a wonderful day

As I was mediating on Ephesians, I  also read John 16:23.

“In that day you will no longer ask me anything. Very truly I tell you, my Father will give you whatever you ask in my name.”

‘That day’ is today. Today I can ask my Father for anything I see in Jesus, and it will be given me. What a wonderful day to live in; what a privilege to be living in this day, when we have access in Jesus Christ to every blessing in heavenly places given for us to ask for and generously receive.

Today is your day to see yourself in a new way. As I began to see myself in a new way, as God’s son faithfully and freely receiving the blessings he has provided for me in the glorious grace he has freely given us in the One he loves (Ephesians 1:6). So you can hear and meditate on the word of God and make these truths your own. Meditating means muttering them to yourself over and over, and for me this includes writing them down over and over.

Begin today with the following statements of truth.

  • I am blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus
  • I am chosen, I am special
  • My Heavenly Father delights to adopt me into his eternal family.
  • In Christ I am fully forgiven and cleansed from all my sinfulness.
  • I am freely, lavishly and generously given grace by my Father.
  • What is in my Father’s domain is fully available to me as his child.
  • I am safe from lack through faith in Jesus Christ.
  • I am a faithful child of God freely receiving good gifts from my heavenly Father.

Thankyou for reading this first blog on ‘chasing truth’. My vision for this blog is to present the profound truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, in way that is personal, practical, and that helps you to live from the wellspring of truth in an atmosphere of grace and love.

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