Why do we have so little faith?

As I write I imagine some readers saying; not me, I’m full of faith. I am delighted for you, but I need to grow my faith in God. Why? Because there are things the Bible says I should be doing that I am not doing. Let me unpack this with a question out of Matthew 17:14-21.

Why can’t we drive it out?

A father had brought his son who had seizures and was suffering greatly to the disciples., and they could not heal him. Jesus arrives and hears the man’s story and says: “O unbelieving and perverse generation” and then with a word heals the boy.

The unbelieving are faithless, they lack trust: Why do we lack faith that trusts God?

Because we are perverse. We have twisted and distorted faith.  We trust God for eternity but not for today. We trust God to forgive our sins but not heal our bodies. We trust God to look after our eternity but not our journey on earth. This is unbelieving and perverse. And we find ourselves with many issues that I am calling “it” that we can’t fix.

 Why can’t we fix it?

I’m plagued by this. Not just in myself, but also in people whom I see stuck in misery, smallness, offence, hurt, anger, and all sorts of suffering and lack. These are things the gospel has come to set us free from. And my question to Jesus is: How can I grow mustard seeds of faith for which nothing is impossible? How can drive ‘it’ out?

Why can’t we drive it out? 

As I asked this question of the Holy Spirit he gave me these thoughts: I am not a pawn, nor am I a dumb instrument in God’s hand. I am his beloved son, and he is interested in my faith and freedom in Jesus Christ, not just my ministry. He will not sacrifice me for greater good. Jesus has sacrificed himself for everyones greater good, including mine. So God will not use me beyond my faith.  Therefore, I grow my relationship with God before I grow my ministry for God. Everything in the kingdom of God coming on earth is from faith in God. So only from faith and prayer can I minister with God.

So I work on trusting God, on believing his word and not trusting my own understanding. I am learning to live in repentance of myself and faith in Jesus Christ and the word of God. And as I do faith grows in my heart, and I speak to my mountains telling them to move. They may not move immediately, but they will move, they will align with the word of God.

I want you to grow  faith in God that will drive ‘it’ out of your life. Whatever ‘it’ is. So consider the following:

We can’t drive out what is not presenting.

We must allow God to bring our mess and pain to the surface and put it right in front of us, so we have to face it and ask God for mustard seed faith to drive it out.

We can’t drive out what we won’t release.

I have found many come to God for relief but not for change. Many years ago I was asked to help a woman who was manifesting demonic seizure and torment. I went with a lady and we prayed, and the woman got relief from torment, but she refused to give her life to Jesus. We can’t drive out what is not released, and you won’t be able to drive the ‘it’ out of your life if you won’t release it. Regardless of how much you pray about it. Whatever ‘it’ is repent of it now with this prayer.

Jesus I release this to you, I want it gone and I want you to fill its place in my heart, and I don’t need to understand everything.

We can’t drive out what we are explaining.

Explaining is  justifying, and following explaining comes blaming. We claim to have an excuse to be like we are. And while we are excusing ‘it’ we can’t drive ‘it’ out and we are left with its torment in our lives. We can’t drive out what we are explaining because we don’t see it as a lie, a distortion of truth in Jesus Christ, and a perversity. And until I see my problem, or the problem, as a perversity before the gospel of Jesus Christ, I will not be able to drive ‘it’ out. Stop explaining and start asking God for faith to drive ‘it’ out.

We can’t drive it out without authority.

In faith I am seated with Christ in heaven in his authority. From this place I can see  and speak to ‘it’ with the authority of Jesus Christ. Authority that is given to me and flows through me as I see Jesus as my Saviour, Lord, and Truth (my feelings are not truth). Like Abraham I choose to believe God.

Abraham is our father in the sight of God, in whom he believed—the God who gives life to the dead and calls into being things that were not. Romans 4:17

I encourage you to trust and speak this verse into your faith a with the following truth statement.

Like Abraham I believe in God who gives life to the dead and calls things into being that are not in my life here today.

We can’t drive out what we don’t speak to.

Talking about it won’t drive ‘it’ out, complaining about it won’t drive ‘it’ out; but a mustard of faith in Jesus Christ that speaks to ‘it’ can drive ‘it’ out. Speak to your soul now. Tell that unbelief and perversity to go, and tell your soul to believe in God.

I don’t know the ‘it’  which takes hold of you, causes suffering, and drives you to act in ways that destroy what is precious to you. The ‘it’ that steals your hope in God as good and loving towards you. But I do know the main purpose of this ‘it’ that grips our hearts is to block our hearts from hearing God’s voice, and our mouths from testifying of being his child. And I know that my freedom begins when I come to Jesus and admit, I have believed lies and given them power in my life until some of them have become like armour around my soul.

God is saying to me, guard your heart from what is not Jesus Christ, do not be double-minded. Live by faith not by sight. So I turn from my feelings and perceptions and choose to trust Jesus Christ. And as I see a mountain, I  work to see what Jesus is saying about this mountain, then I speak to the mountain. I am not trying to fix myself, I am seeking to believe in Jesus and to see his truth powerfully at work in my life.

We can have faith and we can drive ‘it’ out, as we believe and speak from the mercy and grace we receive in Christ.


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