Discover a Best Friend in the Holy Spirit.

He is a friend forever. When I committed my life to Jesus forty years ago, I took off running with fervour and focus for Jesus and his mission on earth. As I have matured these have not waned, but a deep  friendship has grown. Consequently I am not just a devoted servant, but a friend, the truth of John 15:15 is becoming more and more alive in me.

The Holy Spirit has become my best friend. He was a friend to me long before I gave him any attention. When I was foolishly and wilfully ignoring his call to Jesus, he was gentle, patient, but consistent in holding out to me the invitation to come home. When I told God I wanted nothing to do with him, the Holy Spirit did not reply in kind, while respecting me he kept the invitation open. Over time I can see his hand keeping me safe and leading me to the time and place I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ.

A friend who is more than a mate

One of the pleasures of daily life is my growing friendship with the Holy Spirit. He is more than a mate, he is the epitome of a friend and mentor. He brings treasure to our friendship: he is my leader, coach, strength, peace, joy; literally the love of God alive in my heart. He counsels me with truth, he gives wisdom and knowledge, he reveals the Father’s heart, he humbly but firmly corrects me as I need it, he is so much more. He is pure fellowship with the Father and Jesus Christ, his power enabling me to be in fellowship with them. This friendship is my special treasure. I am blessed.

I am learning to be intentional in remembering this friendship, freshly giving myself to it every morning. Beginning my day with a ‘Good morning Holy Spirit, you are my best friend.’ I get to start every day refreshed and blessed. I love this friendship.

It’s the heart of God that every person knows the Holy Spirit as their best friend.

As a way to refresh  friendship I often declare truth found in Psalm 51. I’ve put together the following declaration from psalm 51 to me be a friend to God by honouring his friendship to me.

My Friend Declaration

Holy Spirit

  • Cleanse me today with the blood of Jesus, wash me from all sin and I will be whiter than snow.
  • Create in me a pure heart of faith in God
  • Renew a faithful spirit in me
  • Keep me in your presence
  • Fill me afresh this morning
  • Restore to me the joy of my salvation

I encourage you to give time to growing your friendship with the Holy Spirit.

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