How to grow faith in the Holy Spirit.

My Friend the Holy Spirit:

  • He leads me to Jesus Christ of Nazareth
  • He purifies my heart with the blood of Jesus
  • He washes my mind and soul with the word of God
  • He surrounds me with heaven
  • He fills me with mercy and grace in Jesus Christ
  • He is breath of God in  my life
  • He guides me into all truth
  • He opens the eyes of my heart to see the resurrected Jesus
  • He rebukes my fear
  • He coaches my faith
  • He counsels me with wisdom
  • He teaches me all about following Jesus
  • He gives me wisdom and knowledge
  • He makes me alive today
  • He gives me eternal life
  • He is patient with me
  • He is consistent with me
  • He gives me gifts to help others
  • He is freedom in me
  • He breathes courage and strength into my heart
  • He is health to my body
  • He brings eternal light to my spirit, In his light I see light.
  • He is the word of God alive in my heart and soul
  • He is the love of God in me
  • He is joy in my sorrow
  • He is peace in my storm
  • He is my home   
  • He testifies to my spirit, that I am a child of God
  • He is my safe place
  • He is hope poured into my heart
  • He is generous towards me
  • He goes before me, he surrounds, he has my back
  • He renews my mind
  • He restores my soul
  • He revives my spirit
  • He reveals to me the Father’s heart
  • He is my fellowship with God in heaven
  • He is my fellowship with the body of Christ
  • He is my unity with believers
  • He is power in me
  • He is creativity that produces value
  • He is the witness of Jesus Christ in me
  • He is my confidence, my competence and my courage.
  • He is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control
  • He calls me to abandon human reason and trust the reason of God.
  • He is prayer. He is always in communication with the Father and me
  • He makes me shine as child of God

In my friendship towards the Holy Spirit:

  • I give myself to the Holy Spirit
  • I give myself to continual fulness in Him, spirit, soul and body.
  • I give myself to be loved by the Father and the Holy Spirit
  • I give myself to the fruit of the Spirit
  • I give myself to the gifts of the Spirit 
  • I give myself to arise and shine
  • I am blessed.

All the attributes listed are found in the Bible. Use this list to meditate on the word of God growing your faith in the Holy Spirit, and your understanding. If you do this expect the Holy Spirit to be working these attributes into you, therefore transforming who you are in to the likeness of Christ. Read through out-loud to yourself, read through giving thanks to God for the gift of the Holy Spirit, read through as prayer asking for these to become worked into who you are.

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