What you are looking for might be in the new thing.

I just wanted to sit and enjoy a quiet moment but a fly is buzzing madly as it tries too get through a window. With great effort, complete focus, and relentless attitude the fly collides with the glass again and again until its life burns out. The fly is doomed to die on the window-sill, no matter how hard it tries to escape through the glass.

To achieve more we need more than determined effort, we need new direction.

There is no logic in seeking a breakthrough doing the same things over and over again when they aren’t bringing the desired result. Logic demands change, and yet change is what we resist. We resist it because its uncomfortable and even frustrating, until we get a new rhythm. Change means letting something go, what do we need to let go of?  What new thing can we try? 

New Directions

Why doesn’t the fly try a new direction? Just a few metres away is an open door. If the fly changed direction it would achieve its goal in a few seconds, and expend less energy. The breakthrough possibility is there, and it’s not hard; it just requires a new direction. 

As Christians we often wonder why the world is not better, why it seems so hard to get through the glass and achieve success with God. Like the fly I’ve discovered many Christians want different results from their faith and for their church, they just don’t want change and try  a new direction.  We pray the same prayers with more energy, diligently follow the same pattern of faith and church life, while desiring different results. Consequently, we not much different to the fly diligently flying into the window over and over again until exhausted. Ironically we resist change while reading the bible which includes statements like.

Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.

See I am doing a new thing!

Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?

I am making a way in the desert and streams in wasteland.

Isaiah 43:18-19

Trying harder is our problem

Listen little fly, to escape you need to go in a direction you’ve never considered before. You need to see that trying harder is your problem. Take a moment, look around, and try a new direction. As you read this I am praying for you to realise that you need to allow yourself to stop and look around and ask God what is the new thing he is doing? What is a new direction for you? What is one step in a new direction?

Recently God’s been encouraging me to see new directions in my day to day walk with him, and I’ve been surprised at how I have resisted them. I’m having to intentionally forget some former things, while being disciplined in the new thing. One of which is changing my pattern of bible reading. For many years I have read the bible book by book.  The new thing is to follow a one year bible reading plan. After a messy period of adjustment and change I am beginning to find a new rhythm, and its good. I’m enjoying the array of readings each day and God is bringing fresh insight and encouragement into our relationship. 

Some questions to help you  process.

  • What is the Spirit encouraging you to forget?  
  • What new thing is he showing you?
  • Why do you resist change?
  • Will you stop being like the fly?
  • How can you take a first step in a new direction?

Make a change and try that new thing today. The blessing you are looking for from God is most likely in the new thing he’s leading you to enter.


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