We’re all doing love and worship every day

We’re all doing love and worship every day. We worship what we love. A profound part of my worship is my daily time communicating with God with the Bible and my journal. Recently I have begun a  one year bible reading plan that gives me four readings a day. One reading this morning was  1 Corinthians 13, which is the famous love chapter. It’s probably one of the most read chapters in the bible, especially at weddings. I wonder how many people are really listening?

Love is not self-seeking

And there it was in 1 Corinthians 13:5 “Love is not self-seeking”. Do you get these moments when you wonder: How does God fit into this verse? God said, “love is not self-seeking”, this is his truth inspired and written for our benefit. Therefore God’s love cannot be self seeking.

So when God commands me to love him with all my heart, to trust him completely, to worship nothing else but him; it can’t be because he needs something from me. Because, His love cannot be self-seeking.

I took a few moments to meditate on the thought that God doesn’t ask us to trust him, to stay faithful, to honour and love him above all else because he needs out attention, our loyalty, or our admiration for himself. He is complete in himself, we can’t add anything to God.

Therefore, it must mean he is encouraging us to love him with everything we are because we will benefit from loving and worshipping him alone as our God, Our Father in heaven.

We love God for our benefit not his

As we worship God we trust Him, and as we trust him our hearts are open to receive his goodness, his mercy, and his grace. He commands us to have no other gods but him, because he knows there are no other gods who can bless us, and He wants us to live blessed lives. He is not self-seeking, his love is seeking to bless us.

God is a giver not a taker

Don’t believe the deception that loving God with our whole heart, mind, soul and strength will leave us with less. No, it will always lead to us having more, because God is a giver not a taker. Certainly, he cannot receive without giving more in return.

This was a blessing to me this morning. I realised that trusting God opens my heart to receive from God. Also that my worship of God gives God permission to act on my behalf, to be my good Father in heaven who protects and provides. And that my full surrender to his love enables me to grow more like Jesus. His love will always endeavour to protect, provide and promote my unique glory as one his bride. Wow, I am blessed to love God with my whole heart. This is my privilege.

Conversely when I am not worshipping God with my whole heart, I am withholding trust from God, I am closed to my Father in heaven who protects and provides. Let’s ask ourselves; Where am I withholding trust from God? What have I decided is too hard for God? Let the Holy Spirit reveal and lead back to trusting God and opening our hearts to receive his love.

Even scarier than withholding trust from God and thereby shutting my heart to his goodness; in not worshipping God I am worshipping another. I am opening my life to a different spirit. He has name. Jesus called him a liar and the father of lies, a murderer, the prince of this world, the devil. This is not good thing and won’t lead to good outcomes.

I invite you to see God loving you with a love that is not self-seeking; that his love and every word and command is all for our benefit.

A prayer you could pray.

Dear Father God in heaven. Thankyou for loving me for my benefit. I choose again to receive your love for me, I choose to trust you with all my heart and to worship you alone.

Don’t rush this moment, let the love of God flow afresh into your heart and soul, it will wash away fear, strengthen faith, and bring rest to your inner turmoil.

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