The GROAN that births new life – praying for our children.

Romans 8:22-27 informs us that creation has within it a groan. We who are of creation and believe in Jesus Christ and come alive in the Holy Spirit have within us a groan. I pray that your groan will be disturbing you, waking you up at night, and prompting you to pray. We can be distracted from this groan by the real demands of day to day living. I pray we will be distracted from day to day needs by the groan for the gospel to be birthed in people’s hearts on earth. The prayer in this groan is deeper and more profound than the words we try use. As Romans 8:26 says, the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.

I’m addressing this to the saved in Jesus. Those who want to see his gospel truth and the Spirit of God more effectively saving people we know. The spiritual schemes to blind us and our families from Jesus are more intense than most us realise. The same devil that deceived Adam & Eve is at work to deceive us and our children. Educating and socialising them in the gospel is not enough, they need to be born again as children of God. This is mysterious but real. We know it because we have experienced it. Only a mother fully understands what it means to birth a life. And God likens every salvation to birth. (John 3:1-16, John 1:12-13)

Desperate for more

Are we desperate to see the gospel of Jesus saving people? Beginning with our own families and associates. Desperate enough to come together and pray. To be distracted by the groan to see a spiritual breakout of the gospel. This desire for the gospel to do it’s saving work is likened to being pregnant with new life. And pregnancy is uncomfortable, awkward, and inconvenient; it disturbs and interrupts our lives. But it’s also full of hope, wonder and the joyful expectation of new life. I pray our hearts will be captivated by spiritual pregnancy, awkward, demanding, inconvenient, and interrupting our comfort; while full of hope and joyful expectation.

The biblical account is that the welfare of humanity is in the hands of humanity. This is why God himself came as human to save humans. He created us as persons, and gave to us the responsibility to rule over this planet. A responsibility exercised in fellowship with Him and with each other. So the responsibility for God to be heard lies with us who have heard.

The responsibility for God to be heard lies with us who have heard

We exercise our authority and voice first in the spiritual realm in prayer. We pray assertive even aggressive prayers. There is a devil scheming to steal, kill and destroy every  human life. He doesn’t want our money and health even though he messes with them, he wants our children. Satan wants you as well, but he will go for the more vulnerable.

I have seen children grow up fully complying with faith and bible and church culture, to fully abandon this as young adults. The only thing we can count on is a spiritual encounter that births new life. This is always a miracle and wonder. We know it from our own experience. Therefore our desire to see lost saved must be a groan that calls us to cry out to God, to groan as one with the Spirit of God. As we exercise our authority together in union with God it births on earth the heart and will of God, the saving of many people. If we don’t it doesn’t.

We must win in the spiritual. We must win for ourselves and then exercise that win in prayer for others. I am praying that as you read this your heart will groan, desperation will rise, and you will feel the call of the Spirit to gather and pray.

I my people humble themselves and pray

Read 2 Chronicles 7:13-16, I don’t think I am alarmist to say if we don’t take the gathering and praying seriously, maybe God knows we won’t take his blessing that saves and heals seriously. I have seen people receive miraculous healing and not come to Jesus as Saviour. What’s with this? We are not just praying for outward change, but for hearts to receive a revelation of Jesus, for conviction of the Holy Spirit, and for new birth. Will we give ‘time’ to ‘groaning’ together for sons and daughters of God to be birthed spiritually?

Please hear this as a heart cry that says, I must see more power, I am sick of seeing children from Christian homes distracted from God by this world. I am disturbed that us more established Christians seem to distracted by this world to prioritise coming together to pray. Is our reason for not being together to pray described in Luke 8:14 “The seed that feel among thorns stands for those who hear, but as they go on their way they are choked by life’s worries, riches and pleasures (time for me), and they do not mature (they are unfruitful spiritually).”

Hear the groan in your spirit

Please, if you love Jesus and want to see his love in others. If you are saved and want to see others saved, hear the ‘groan’ in your spirit. Make an intentional choice to schedule time to pray. It will be awkward, especially as we  learn how to pray and groan together with the Spirit, but the natural is not the bottom line. The bottom-line is allowing ourselves to be one prayer with the Holy Spirit for his kingdom to come in power, his provision to flow freely, his mercy to triumph over judgement, his deliverance from the enemy, and his breakthrough to prevail in the name of Jesus Christ.

We know that our children who don’t choose faith are choosing judgement over mercy, they are listening to the subtle voice of Satan, often through friends and culture; and beginning to judge that it is more real than the mercy and goodness of God. When we choose judgement we live in judgement. Our children are not seeing clearly, just as Eve didn’t see clearly when she was deceived by the still small voice of Satan. (Read 2 Corinthians 4:1-6)

Please hear the heart-cry to see the church of Jesus arise and shine, joining together in the groan that’s in all creation, that’s in the heart of God’s children, and in heaven itself. The groan for our children to become God’s children.


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