What troubles our soul?

My bible reading this morning took me to John 12, I was thinking of the seed mentioned in verse twenty-four. As I read verse twenty-seven lit up, as I realised my soul was troubled. I’m hoping you will be troubled to.

John 12:27 ” “Now is my soul troubled. And what shall I say? ‘Father, save me from this hour’? But for this purpose I have come to this hour.” ESV.

What was troubling Jesus soul?

This being troubled was an internal distress. It’s straight forward from reading context that Jesus was troubled because he was at the threshold of his crucifixion, and it was going to be extreme suffering. Was he also troubled at the consistent unbelief and spiritual blindness of religious people? Do we trouble the heart of Jesus with our unbelief? or with our fascination with the created world at the expense of the Creator?

What troubles our soul?

Are we like Jonah?

In Jonah 4:9-11we read Jonah was more troubled about a plant dying than the people of Ninevah. He was so caught up in his own pride and misery that he was unconcerned about the judgement of God on the great city of Ninevah. Read the book of Jonah to get the story of God’s grace and Jonah’s self righteousness. It’s only four chapters.

What troubles our soul?

Are we troubled when our plans don’t work out? When our desires aren’t met? When nobody seems to notice us? When we are inconvenienced?

Are we like Jonah? Troubled when we are called to leave our comfortable place to reach people: Troubled when we feel like we are suffering.

How is the call of God in your heart troubling your soul?

When I was younger I was troubled in spirit, frustrated when my plans for Gods church to succeed didn’t happen as fast I thought they should; or in the way I thought they should. And God called me to repentance and trust that rested in him? I have to keep from letting my heart be troubled by worldly things?

I can remember when I was troubled because God seemed to bless people I thought didn’t deserve it. Now I know no one deserves blessing. Again God called me to repentance and to leaving the judgement of his children to him.

Has your soul been troubled by God’s call to give a larger offering or gift than you thought was prudent? Did you obey? Or go with what you thought was best.

What troubles your spirit?

These days I’m troubled by little fruit from my ministry. I’m learning to rest, and to live in repentance and pruning. God’s way of getting more fruit from my life is to reduce my attachment to the world.

A church that looks just as harassed and helpless as the world it’s in troubles my soul.

The many Christians who don’t seem hungry to know God better and to bear more fruit for his eternal kingdom troubles my soul? What’s with this spiritual complacency? Have we given up hope in the gospel because it’s caused more trouble to our soul than we bargained for?

I’m troubled that God seems to be taking everything away from me but my faith in Him, which he has made clear he wants to be all I have as treasure in this world. I’m learning to love this trouble because I’m finding my purpose.

I am troubled that people I care about are far from God, and I can’t seem to do anything about it. I feel helpless, weak, and useless at saving lost people. I’m learning to pray, and if my prayers aren’t bringing results to change how I pray and lift the place prayer has in my soul, my time, my faith.

As church we feel helpless because we don’t think we have enough money to be effective, this troubles my soul. Isn’t the gospel the power of God for the salvation of all who believe, not the power of money. I’m troubled that someone will read this and use it as an excuse for their lack of generous giving. Is money our real God?

I am troubled that as church we may not be lifting up Jesus Christ, crucified and resurrected, according to the scriptures. Because he said “When I am lifted up I will draw all people to myself” Am I preaching the cross, and the crucified life with faith in resurrection life?

Let’s pray for the impossible. For more than 10% of congregations to consistently get to prayer meetings because their soul is troubled by the spiritual weakness of church and scarcity of souls being saved.

That it seems impossible to get 10% of a congregation to consistently come to a prayer meeting troubles my soul. Sure the meeting may not suit them. But the point of prayer is about others not ourselves. Here’s where I want to see God do more than we asked or imagined.

When troubled leads to purpose

As I align my life purpose with Jesus Christ, what troubles my soul is enthused with hope, and my troubles become groans of intercession for the impossible to become so.

God is calling his ‘church’ to embrace the groan of our troubled hearts. The groan of the Holy Spirit interceding within us for God’s kingdom to come and will to be done on earth as in heaven. For people to be saved. He is calling us to embrace our troubled spirits, not to escape being troubled. To let our troubled soul lead us to our purpose as followers of Jesus Christ.

Will you seek your God purpose in Jesus Christ above all else?

Seeking first your purpose in Christ will bring trouble to your soul. But as you live in your purpose it will also bring the glory of God into your soul, because you will discover the reason God determined before creation for you to be here on earth in these days.

My hope is not that I’ve written so well you will all be convinced of my point. My hope is the Holy Spirit has been speaking to your soul, and you have listened and acted on his words. Even the ones that trouble you.


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