How the Spirit is leading me to pray for revival?

The Holy Spirit is not asking me or you to be perfect models of prayer. But he is asking us to be the prayers we pray.

This blog follows my blog on what does revival prayer look like; you can read it here.

As I launch into a new kingdom assignment, leaving my church leadership assignment to enter God’s assignment as an apostolic ministry of word and prayer. (Acts 6:4) These are the words of the Spirit to my spirit. “Paul you are entering a new assignment to my body, you are on mission wherever I lead you. Your assignment in Nelson is finished. Your new assignment is not defined by a local area, but by my Spirit’s sending. You are my representative wherever I send you, you speak the words I give you for that place.” In this assignment the Holy Spirit is leading me to pray for revival.

As I seek understanding of what this looks like I see revival prayer as a simple heart-cry for what is in heaven to become so on earth. A cry for the heart of God to come alive in his church.

Here is some ways I am being stirred to pray for revival.

I am praying for a revival of repentance to flow through the hearts of God’s church. Repentance as a fresh returning to our first love of a sincere and pure devotion to Jesus Christ.

I pray for revival in seeking to have our hearts purified by the Holy Spirit. And a pure heart is simply about one thing. It’s not perfect it’s pure.

Let’s pray together.

Holy Spirit purify our hearts as we return to a sincere faith in Jesus Christ as our one Saviour, one hope, and one deliverer. Jesus I return to you as all I desire and need.

Revival prayer is for all ‘ministry’ to be the overflow of our devotion to Jesus.

The Holy Spirit is leading a revival of entering our rest of faith in Jesus Christ. A rest that is confident because it’s willing to obey our Father in heaven. We may not obey perfectly, in fact it’s certain we won’t. But we have set our hearts to be willing and obedient to the word of God.

Father God, I pray for a revival of willing obedience of your word to grow and fill your church.

All heaven is looking for a revival of people denying themselves, taking up their cross and following Jesus. A revival in desiring heaven more than earth; and therefore investing in heaven more than earth. Check out Matthew 6:19-24; ask the Holy Spirit if your heart needs cleansing from the pursuit to store up treasure on earth. At times it feels like the church believes that if we just had more money we could serve God more successfully. This thought is from the devil. We don’t need more money we need more of the Holy Spirit, and more ‘not shrinking back from faith’. We need deliverance from our devotion to money. This is the revival we need.

As I grow in learning from the Holy Spirit what praying for revival means for me. I find it requires a fresh fullness in the Holy Spirit every day. A fresh and deep reliance on Him. As we face increasingly uncertain times in which our faith and it’s values are threatened, trampled on, and treated as evil; we need to receive again the fullness of the Holy Spirit with all the cleansing and empowering it brings into our hearts and souls.

Pray with me: Holy Spirit purify our hearts and enable us to speak with a sound that is a clear testimony of Jesus Christ. The testimony that is prophesy. The testimony that overcomes  the devils lies and accusations.

Relentless Prayer

Luke 18:1-8 reports a story Jesus told to show his followers they should always pray and not give up. There is fresh relentlessness coming in prayer. The Spirit is leading believers wherever their hearts listen, to relentlessly pray for revival within the church. In this parable we see a cry for justice, and we know from reading on through verses 9 to 14; the justice we are praying for is the mercy of God. There is a cry in the heart of God, and the intercession of Jesus for every person to enter his mercy. To be like the tax collector in Jesus parable who cried our “God, have mercy on me a sinner”.

Will we live by faith in mercy?

Will we live by faith in mercy? This is the heart cry of revival prayer. This is what God is asking of us. He is not asking for a performance or an appearance. He is not seeking our stunning, smart, successful and significant church organisations. It’s ok to have them, just to not love them. He is seeking our entering and resting with Him in his mercy.

Will you live by faith and pray and not give up? Pray for a revival of repentance and rest in the salvation of Jesus Christ to flow through his church and then overflow into our world.

Will you right now let yourself be still and ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to be the prayer he sees you as; to purify your heart, and to fill you afresh with his presence.

I am praying for you that as you read this, your heart will be stirred and convicted; and your desire to know Jesus will become brighter. In Jesus name. Amen.

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