Revival Prayer While Riding With The Holy Spirit. Part 2

Here is part 2 of revival prayers the Spirit gave me while riding around South Island of New Zealand, from January 28th – February 2019. Here is part one:

My prayer is, that these prayers will help shape your prayer for revival. I pray for the Holy Spirit to lead you in praying for revival.

My prayer thoughts while riding from Brighton Beach to Balclutha on 30th January

The Holy Spirit is leading us to pray revival prayer which brings heaven to earth. These prayers revive what’s dead, and move mountains. These prayers come from hearts that are still before God. The stillness of faith resting, abiding, in Jesus.

The scripture reveals that Jesus is still before the Father, waiting patiently for Father to fulfil all his word. Because Jesus knows not one word of God will be left unfulfilled. And while Jesus is still, he is interceding; and his heart does not lose its stillness as he intercedes.

Therefore he is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them. Hebrews 7:25

I am deeply moved by these two truths. The Spirit is leading me to have a still heart at rest with Jesus. In this place of stillness, he is asking me to join with Jesus in his intercession for the work of salvation.

Be still

In this I am convicted of the striving and scheming I have been caught up in to try save people. Let’s free our hearts from all restlessness and anxiety. We can ask the Father to prune these things from our heart, purifying our hearts. A still heart is sincere devotion and simple profound faith in Jesus Christ.

This is really important. We can’t invite restless and harassed people to come to Jesus and find rest, if we are not at rest. You see, the sound of rest or restlessness comes out of our heart and influences the atmosphere around us.

Simplicity of Prayer

Think about this: Prayer is simple because it cost Jesus so much. Therefore, the price for our prayers effectiveness is fully paid. Our striving and scheming adds nothing, they are sin. I feel the freedom of this, and hope you do as well. The freedom to have a still heart in Christ while praying continually for salvation to come to more people.

Sincere Devotion

Prayer is sincere devotion, simple faith, and straight forward obedience; and that’s it!

Dealing with the complexity of our hearts and the heavenly realm is God’s work. Our work is to sincerely devote and simply believe. And as we do this God sanctifies our hearts and the heavens; leading us into victory and blessing that he has established for us in Jesus Christ. We just follow Jesus and grow up in our trust and obedience.

Let’s leave the complexity of our heart and the heavens to God. The Holy Spirit will convict us of sin we need to confess, because we are sincerely devoted to Jesus. Our part is to simply believe and straight-forwardly obey.

But I am afraid that as the serpent deceived Eve by his cunning, your thoughts will be led astray from a sincere and pure devotion to Christ.

2 Corinthians 11:3

The devil loves to get us caught up in the complexity of our hearts and the heavens. He knows this leads us out of the mercy and into judgment. We are not to try and unravel the mystery of our heart, looking for hidden sin, or questionable motives: We sincerely devote our heart to God, and obey his leadership.

No shrinking back

Sincere, simple and straightforward do not mean without perseverance and no opposition or trouble. They mean we simply hold fast to faith in Jesus Christ and obey the word we know. (Hebrews 10:39)

I am encouraged while thinking of this, what a relief to not have to unravel the complexity of my heart. But, what a challenge to sincere devotion, simple faith, and straight forward obedience.

Praying for the saints in Balclutha

As I rode into Balclutha 10.25 am Wednesday 30th. I was praying for the saints in Balclutha, especially for that remnant who faithfully pray and don’t give up. I prayed and believed that they would receive a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit’s encouragement and inner strength in their hearts and prayers. As I was praying my inner spirit had a moment, like a little leap. I thought of Luke 1:41 when Elisabeth’s baby, John; leaped in her womb when Elisabeth heard Mary’s voice greeting her; and the bible says Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit.

It’s incredible to my natural mind that my obedience in being there and praying could cause a leap in the hearts of the saints in Balclutha, from a freshness in the Holy Spirit.

As you read this blog, I pray for a leap of hope and encouragement in your heart. A refreshing that strengthens your resolve to live sincerely devoted to Jesus Christ.

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