Revival Prayers Part 6: Holy Spirit Fellowship

A revival of ‘Fellowship with the Holy Spirit”

Morning coffee at Gentle Annie Camp, Mokonui

The prayer arising in my heart as I rode from Mokinui to Nelson was for revival of ‘fellowship with the Holy Spirit” to flow through church.

Gentle Annie Campground in Mokonui is one of those rustic beautiful places. It’s refreshing just to visit.

I felt a cry in the heart of God for the body of Christ to allow the Holy Spirit his place in the body, the church, his dwelling place on earth. We can’t shake the Holy Spirit from the church. He has come to stay, to save, and to lead. The church, the body of Christ, is his home on earth. Let’s wake up to his presence.

Holy Spirit has not come to do, but to dwell. To inhabit our hearts and lives. He is patient and persistent. Without Him we are we are nothing; with him we are alive as children of God, born from above and growing in stature as children of the living God.

Though Holy Spirit is God, one with Father and Jesus Christ. He will not impose himself on us, or force his resurrection power into us; we believe and welcome Him into our hearts and into the leadership place in our life. Then we grow in fellowship with Him.

I pray for the body of Jesus Christ to have a revival in receiving the Holy Spirit, submitting to his leadership and to living in fellowship with Him as our best friend, coach, counsellor, helper, teacher and so much more.

Holy Spirit serves but he is not a servant.

The Holy Spirit is seeking the remnant within the church who will grow closer fellowship with Him, who he can then lead to pray for the whole body to be filled and refreshed by Him.

Let’s pray with the Holy Spirit.

Father, we pray you would sanctify your children in truth through your word. We pray for the body of Jesus to freshly receive of the Holy Spirit, as one who has come to stay, to remain and dwell within our hearts.

Father, we pray that in the Holy Spirit your church would become the sound of heaven on earth. A roar in the heavenlies that causes demons to tremble.

Father we pray for your remnant to arise in revived fellowship and strength in the Holy Spirit. Their hearts groaning with his heart, their mouths testifying of Jesus with his mouth; saying in oneness with the Spirit to the lost: Come receive the free gift of life in Jesus Christ.

Church, this is not a strategy or technique for success. It’s who we are. Children of God, birthed by the Holy Spirit, adopted into the heavenly family by the Holy Spirit within us. Living in deepening rest and partnership with the Holy Spirit.

Come on church, let’s be led, gifted, empowered and interceding as one with Holy Spirit.

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