Revival Ride Prayers Part 8: A Remnant Arising

There’s a Remnant Arising. As I rode around the South Island I found myself regularly praying for God’s remnant to be encouraged, strengthened in their prayer. Because God is calling his remnant of faithful sons and daughters to arise in prayer and courageous obedience. See more here:

On 5th February as I was discussing my ministry with the Holy Spirit. And He emphasised to me that prayer is the first work of the kingdom of God. You see, in prayer we enforce the kingdom of God and bring violence to the kingdom of darkness. (Matthew 11:12)

The remnant arising are those enforcing the kingdom in prayer. They follow Jesus into the gates of hell: breaking free from the spirit of this world with forceful prayer followed by courageous obedience. This remnant does not shrink back from faith. They remember the radical devotion and risky obedience of when they first believed and ask themselves: Why would I shrink back? Why would I be less radical and take less risk now, than when I first believed?

A holy invitation

If you are reading this the Spirit of God is inviting you to be one of this remnant. He is inviting you to remember the wonder of his mercy and the glory of his grace, that saved and set you free. Pause and remember the freedom, the clean heart, the overflowing joy of when you first believed. When you were forgiven and came alive in the blood of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Remember, and let the Holy Spirit renew your devotion and crazy obedience of when you first believed. And let this devotion and obedience begin to flow today.

Looking back I see why Father in heaven led me to do this prayer ride around New Zealand from 28th January to the 25th February 2019. Because prayer leads all new things in the kingdom, and Father wanted me to get a new heart for the people of New Zealand, so he led me to do this revival prayer ride. He linked his purpose to my desire, because He knows I like adventure. He’s a good Father, I don’t follow my passions or desires, but Father works them into his plans and purpose for me. My God is so good I need to take a praise break; Hallelujah! God is good and his love endures forever.

Led by conviction not passion

A new and deeper faith and desire to see New Zealand saved has taken hold of my heart. I have a deeper conviction than ever before to believe, pray and act knowing Father is working to save many people throughout New Zealand. I know a time is coming when the majority of people in this nation will be saved. Now this conviction speaks to every decision I make. It’s why my wife and I are currently living in our caravan serving a church going through transition, this church has apart in God’s future and he is getting it ready.

I am not alone, there is a remnant arising. The Spirit of God is hovering over our land with a new intensity. The Spirit is calling a remnant from among his children to arise in revived prayer and courageous obedience. This remnant have a growing holy groan in their heart, the groan of Romans 8:19-26.

Will you be bold, still your heart before Father, and listen; and when he speaks courageously obey.

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