Revival Prayer Ride 10: God is more.

The prayer the Spirit of God resonated through my heart as I rode from Whanganui to Opunake was MORE. The Holy Spirit was interceding saying; there is more fruitfulness in God for the church than we currently have or are expecting.

After I crossed the Cook Straight on Waitangi Day , I caught up with family, old friends and new friends. Thanks to all of you for your hospitality, it was more than expected.

More Fruitfulness

I am eager and frustrated at the same time. Because the Spirit and the scripture say there is more fruitfulness in our future than in our past.

More fruitfulness from more pruning.

I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful. John 15:1-2

More pruning

Pruning is losing something today that was fruitful yesterday so there can be more fruit tomorrow. Below is the thoughts on MORE from my prayer ride on 8th of February from Whanganui to Opunake.

Full disclosure, Opunake was my morning coffee stop, the day finished in Otorohanga just before 8pm after a visit to Kawhia harbour on the West Coast. I arrived at Kawhia at around 6pm only to find all camping was fully booked.

More repentance

More fruitfulness will come from more repentance and rest in our salvation in Jesus Christ. This means less reliance on our-self and more rest and trust in Jesus Christ. I am finding God is relentlessly leading me to rest with full assurance of trust in Him for everything. In my heart there is a constraint of the Spirit from taking anything into my own hands, my ministry and my provision. How about you? Will you give God permission to teach you to trust Him and his word alone? This is what we see in Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane when Jesus prayed: Father not my will but your will be done. This is repentance and faith. Repentance, not my will; faith, your will be done.

More repentance will lead to more receiving of revelation from God. Because the repentant heart will hear God’s word and receive it. Come on, these are days to meditate more on scripture so the Holy Spirit can sow more word into our hearts. More word in our hearts will lead to more repentance and faith, leading to and more fruitfulness.

More word

We need more holding the word in our hearts. The Spirit leads us to hold the word of God in our hearts, in spite of not seeing or understanding. This means not understanding both what it will look like when it bears fruit, and how it will bear fruit.

This holding the word in our hearts includes obeying the word. If we are not obedient to the word of God we are not trusting in our Father in heaven. Consequently, more receiving God’s word requires more obedience. And this obedience is how we abide or remain in Christ.

We obey our Father as Jesus obeyed our Father. Therefore, If you’re not willing to obey what God says, stop asking him to speak to you. Start asking yourself who you trust more than God and repent and return to Jesus Christ as Lord. He’s not your friend before he is your Lord.

Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me. John 15:4

As I rode and prayed for more rest and repentance in myself and through the body of Christ; I heard the heart of God calling his children to more fellowship together in the Holy Spirit. If we saw in our hearts how much value our Father in heaven puts on our fellowship together in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, fellowshipping together would become one of our highest pursuits and precious treasures.

More fellowship

Before there will be a harvest of more into the church, God is asking the church to be the ‘church’ and to demonstrate this through more loving and honouring of one another. Because the value we put on being together is directly proportionate to the love and honour in our hearts towards Jesus and one another.

You see, our fellowship with one another is the overflow of our fellowship with the Holy Spirit. So when I am frustrated with the saints I know I need to refresh my fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Because my patience with you is the overflow of the Holy Spirit’s patience with me. My giving to you is the overflow of the Holy Spirit’s giving to me. My love that covers your offence towards me, is an overflow of the Holy Spirits love that covers my offecne towards him.

I hear a cry from heaven for believers in Jesus Christ to pursue more fellowship with the Holy Spirit which will overflow into more fellowship together in the Holy Spirit. The closer we walk with Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit the closer we are with one another.

Hear the weight in these words. There will not be more fruitfulness without more repentance and rest in Jesus Christ as our salvation; and more trust and fellowship in the Holy Spirit.

Some good news

The best part is the Holy Spirit is leading us into the more repentance and trust so he can produce more fruit in each of us. We don’t need to get better at frutifulness to bear more fruit, we need to get better at repentance and rest in Jesus Christ, and fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

This is important because there will not be more from God in our nation until there is more repentance and trust in God in the church. God wants to bring more good to our nation, so he asks his church for more trust in his pruning so we will be more fruitful.

One of God’s prunings in my life is to trust the work of the Holy Spirit and the scriptures more in your life. Therefore, my challenge to you is to read John 15:1-16 several times asking the Holy Spirit to apply these verses to your heart.

This link contains an exercise you can use, just replace the scriptures of John 17 with John 15:1-16.

This blog is also my prayer. That we would be a generation that seek repentance and rest in Jesus Christ while expecting more fruitfulness for his kingdom. Please give some feed-back and suggestions. What’s God stirring in your heart?


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