Revival Prayer Ride part 12: The wise pray?

Days ride 8th Feb 530 km.

I needed to be wise on planning my trip. After an unfortunate incident in the gravel on day one I aimed to avoid gravel roads. So, on 8th of February after asking an attendant at the gas station about gravel roads I headed inland to Te Kuiti before riding to Kawhia on the coast, being wise. First thing on arrival at Kawhia was a short swim at Hotwater beach. I didn’t find any hot water on the beach but enjoyed the swim.

Kawhia has two campgrounds, and as there was a fishing competition and food festival on that weekend both were full. I didn’t book ahead, was that wise or foolish? Maybe I should have secured my campsite before going for a swim. Lessons for future wisdom

At 6pm I was heading out of Kawhia to Otorohanga to find somewhere to camp.

Saturday 9th February finds me riding to Auckland via Raglan and Port Waikato. Neither of which I have visited before, I’m looking forward to the day. As always before I start the ride I sit with coffee, toast, bible and the Holy Spirit and we share.

That morning I read Matthew 25 and was profoundly impacted by the necessity to be wise. There’s more at stake here than pre-booking a campsite.

Being a believer is being wise. Forewarning; we are about to dig into scripture to see what separates the wise and foolish. This is highly important, in the parable of the wise and foolish virgins, only the wise went to eternity. Read it in Matthew 25:1-12, they all looked the same at the beginning, they all went to sleep; but when the cry, the call of the bridegroom came, only five were ready.

What separates the wise from the foolish? It’s not church attendance, it’s not having something from God called oil in our lamp, it’s not wanting to be with Jesus in eternity. All ten were the same for each of these. I snuck in the church attendance its not in the parable but I think its relevant for us today. All ten got drowsy and fell asleep while waiting for the bridegroom. The call to be alert is common through the New Testament, but Jesus knows we will all fall asleep at some point, our ability to stay alert isn’t good enough. The only difference between wise and foolish were ‘flasks of oil’.

Now let’s read Ephesians 5:14-21 to help us understand the wisdom of the five wise virgins.

Why did the five with oil find Christ shining on them when they awoke when the loud cry announced the coming of the bridegroom?

Was it because they were wise? And I suggest that Ephesians 5:17-18 tells us that being wise is living in the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Hearts fully surrendered to being continually filled with the Spirit, the breath of God. Imagine living without breath? Is it wise or foolish? Is it possible?

When those full of the Holy Spirit get drowsy and fall asleep and hear the loud cry of God startling them and waking them up; their heart hears and responds with joy and readiness towards Jesus Christ. Are hearts that hear the cry of the Holy Spirit what set apart the wise and foolish?

The five wise heart’s were filled with the Spirit. The five foolish had hearts that were empty of the Spirit, they had a little faith but were not willing to entrust everything to the will of God.

The wise believer knows the will of God is they live full of the Holy Spirit. The wise weren’t sure what they would need, but ensured they were in fellowship with the Holy Spirit. I’m never going to be good enough to please God, but I’ve learnt I can have faith that please God; and it’s the Holy Breath of God within me that keeps that faith alive and growing.

The foolish had an experience and an expectation, but they didn’t have fellowship with the Holy Spirit, the continual fullness of Breath. (Note the Spirit is the breath of holy eternal life)

Holy Spirit is not a stick of dynamite or a plug-in power pack. He is a person. He comes to begin a relationship with us of breathing, breathe out our sin and self righteousness, breathe in his presence with all its promises. (NB. The spirit of this world is full of self-righteousness, or, being right in our own eyes).

The prayer of heaven in my heart is for believers to be wise. To wake up from spiritual sleepiness, sleepiness caused by intoxication with this world. We need to learn to be in the world while not of it, to have and enjoy created things while not pursuing them. Father, break the hard shell around our hearts caused by our attachment to what we see, teach us to live by faith not sight.

As I rode from Otorohanga to Raglan I prayed these prayers: And the wise pray and don’t give up.

Wise prayers

For the church of Jesus Christ to awaken to refreshed deep fellowship with the Holy Spirit, this is wise.

For an awakening in our hearts to the ‘body of Christ’ that is beyond our local church structures. We need these structures, but they are a means not an end. We are born from above into the one body of Jesus Christ on earth, only the Holy Spirit can awaken this in our hearts and minds.

To awaken to seeing ‘one another’ in Christ’s body and outworking Matthew 25:40. Holy Spirit free us from our spiritual arrogance that thinks we’re the best children in your house. How do we treat family? Do our decisions consider our brothers and sisters as a priority?

I prayed for the members within the body to wake-up to their appointed role within the body according the Holy Spirit’s leading.

Please believer let the Holy Spirit awaken your heart to freely giving and receiving without placing expectation on one another. We freely share and serve one another in Christ’s body because we are one. This to is wise.

That’s enough for this blog. I really don’t want you to believe or do anything because I say so. I do know the Holy Spirit is speaking to hearts, and my faith and prayer is  those who read this and the scripture will hear what the Spirit is saying to you.

These are crazy days and exciting days, they are definitely not days to shrink back from faith in Jesus Christ.

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