Revival ride prayer 13: Will we groan with heaven?

It’s February 10th and I’m on the last leg of the days ride, from Port Waikato to Auckland, looking forward to seeing Josiah and family who there.

Port Waikato

I’m cruising over the Bombay hills praying as I ride. As I pray, I see Jesus seated on heaven interceding for his body on earth. And I ask how I can join his intercession expecting his Spirit to communicate to my spirit what or how to pray. I don’t get every detail, I take the seed given and begin to pray it back to heaven adding what comes to my mind from my spirit.

The seed that came alive in my spirit as I cruised down the Bombay hills into Auckland was: there is a groan of intercession in heaven for every person lost from our Father’s love. I felt the roar of this groan concentrated by the multitudes in Auckland living detached from God, lost from his breath of life. [Romans 8:19-27, Joel 3:14]

We were not created to live detached and independent of our Creator. We cannot please God detached from God regardless of how hard we try, that’s why Romans 7:10 says “The very commandment that promised life proved to be death to me.” Our flesh, everything we are as born from our parents, cannot keep the law and word of God, we will fail, we are sinners.

But made alive in the Holy Breath as we come to Father by faith in Jesus Christ we become spiritually alive and now keep the spiritual words of God. This is cause for a hallelujah every time we think of it, I was lost and now I’m found, I was dead and now I am alive, I was un-spiritual and now I am spiritually alive. Now I follow Jesus in trusting Father and resting in the Holy Breath. (You will notice I like to speak of Holy Spirit as Breath)

A crescendo

All heaven, from the Father to latest soul who has died on earth and entered their promise in paradise is both full of joy over every iota of faith towards God in a person’s heart; and groaning deeply for the unbelief blinding eyes towards Jesus Christ. The eager longing and the groan for the sons and daughters of God to be revealed on earth is a crescendo. Can your heart hear it?

Pause and be still and ask the Holy Spirit to allow your heart and mind to hear the intercession of heaven for lost souls and wayward children of Father in heaven; I pray you will hear the crescendo and be changed, that complacency and weariness will fall away; and faith will arise.

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Who will hear the cry in God’s heart and become the cry back to God? The intercession of the Holy Breath in our hearts?

The groan of heaven heard and prayed back to heaven becomes intercession. Intercession is not magical, and only for the select few. Some intercede more than others but all believers intercede.

Our intercession brings change

As I cruised Auckland’s southern motorway interceding as the Spirit of Christ was inspiring me to; I became aware of how our intercession brings change. As we hear a little of Jesus intercession in heaven, and begin to pray this seed back to heaven ‘angels’ are released. I saw the angels clearing spiritual space around people far from God. This space increases their opportunity to hear the call of God to their heart. The cry of come, whoever is thirsty let them come. The Spirit and bride say “come”. Those lost from God don’t need to hear they are naughty, or bad, or sinners, or evil; their hearts need to hear the sound of heaven saying ‘come’. As ‘church’ we are meant to be attractive to the empty hungry hearts of people; when we are, they will come, we will be sought after (Isaiah 62:12).

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Wake up

The craziness bursting forth today through out society does not reflect a ‘new’ attack from the enemy. He’s always been attacking and there’s always been spiritual opposition to living faith in Jesus. The struggle has just burst into the open and become more obvious. Maybe God’s allowing the darkness to become more obvious to wake us up and stir us to pray.

Will you hear and pray? Don’t allow the enemy to trick you into thinking that intercession is a secret for the special few. Don’t treat intercession as superstitious magic. It’s simple, but it takes an open heart,  intentional focus and asking, and willingness to have a go at praying the prayers the Holy Spirit seeds in our spirits trusting Him with the outcomes.

Have a go! Set a time to settle your soul, and join Jesus intercession for his salvation to come to more and more people on earth.

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