Revival Prayer Ride Part 14: A revival of worship

The day was stunning, and the road was great. I enjoyed the ride from Kaitaia to Cape Reinga. As I rode the Holy Spirit stirred a prayer in me for a revival of worship through his church in New Zealand.

I left Auckland in light rain and took the route 16 through Helensville to Wellsford, then rode a short stretch on highway 1 through Kaiwaka, and turned on to route 12 to Dargaville. As I parked on the main street thinking about lunch smoke was pouring off my bike, oil was leaking and burning off the hot engine. Lunch was forgotten as I went looking around Dargaville for someone to look at my bike. No luck, it was Tuesday and yet the only bike shop in town was closed.

Wairoa River at Dargaville

So after eating lunch on the river bank, I rode to Kaitaia where Dave at Kaitaia motorcycles got my bike sorted. Great bloke and excellent service. It turned out some oil had leaked into my air cleaner when I dropped the bike on ‘day one’ of my ride. The oil took 2 weeks to work through the seal and begin to leak.

Sign outside Monty’s across road from the beach.

I camped that night at Ahipara in this back-yard campsite. It was great, and Monty who is one of God’s remnant is the proprieter. We shared God stories into the evening. The next day I left Monty’s to ride to Cape Reinga, a ride of 120 km’s each way.

In part 5 of this series I wrote ‘worship is intercession’ prophesying a ‘new sound’ of worship is arising’.

Have you noticed it in your heart, is the Spirit stirring you to give more time and space in your daily life to worship, to just rest and be one with Him? Because this revival of worship is the ‘one thing’ Jesus said is necessary in Luke 10:42.

Revival in worship

I was riding and praying with my best friend the Holy Spirit for a revival of worship to arise through the body of Christ across New Zealand. Praying for hearts to be placed afresh before God in surrender and trust. For worship that is our testimony of Jesus that is prophecy.

The Holy Spirit is at work within us to bring forth this revival of worship, as heavens’ worship being heard on earth. As I prayed I saw this worship as our delight and devotion in Jesus Christ: a sound of confidence and trust reverberating through the heavens.

Simple isn’t it, as we let the joy of our salvation become our worship, with our mouths expressing our delight and devotion in Jesus Christ. That same sound breaks the devils grip, changes situations in the spiritual realm enabling change on earth. It’s simple but if it doesn’t happen there’s no change. I believe revival of worship will change our nation more than a ‘new’ government. Let’s cast our vote with prayer and faith, and with discernment and intelligence. But don’t put more hope in our government than in Jesus Christ, above all our worship is our continual vote for Him.

The Holy Spirit encouraged me to see our revival of worship as lifting our hearts to God in obedience, delight and devotion. Oh the joy of our salvation, that fills our hearts with gratitude for his mercy and grace, that we don’t deserve.

Worship sets us free from entitlement

Those who feel entitled to a good life will struggle to fully and freely worship. This entitlement is pride, it is actually idolatry, as we put our self alongside God. And idolatry empowers the devil, so don’t do it. Cut off every feeling that you are entitled to be blessed by God. You are not, you don’t deserve his mercy and goodness, but he’s given it anyway. When we worship just because we have received mercy, then we make the devil mad and send him into chaos.

Our worship moves angels

Our worship causes angels to war with demons on our behalf. The bible stories of Joshua and Israel walking around Jericho in Joshua chapter 6, and Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20, and Paul and Silas in Acts 16 are real happenings. The Holy Spirit caused them to be written to teach us to immerse ourselves in worship and praise of The Creator, our Father in heaven, Yahweh-Elohim, and Jesus Christ of Nazareth. When we are immersed in worship we have protection from the devils schemes. Our protection is not in our name and merit, its in Jesus name on merit.

The empty, hungry hearts of people lost from God need to hear the sound of our faith and joy in Jesus Christ. The sound of our hearts worshiping God will be heard in their hearts. Because all creation hear as we worship God in Spirit and truth. Come on, what we are doing to save those lost from God is not working that well, let’s try putting God first and see if it makes a difference.

Worship leads to intercession

As our revival of worship rises it will become prayer. Worship is being heart to heart with Jesus Christ. So, as we sink our heart into his heart we will find his prayers becoming our prayers. The idea that intercession is complicated and difficult and only for the elite is the devils lie. You will discover the freedom and joy of intercession that is the consequence and overflow of your worship.

Remember, some of the most powerful prayers in the bible were only one sentence long. When we are immersed in worship a prayer comes alive in our hearts and we pray it back to our Father in heaven, that’s intercession. Sometimes we persist in holding that prayer before God, sometimes we just bring a prayer and leave it. However, we don’t leave worship.

Worship as our hearts resting and rejoicing in our salvation in Jesus Christ, is our privilege as we know God as our Father. Worship God and make an eternal difference. Finally, how could you add intentional worship to your day? Give it go see where it leads.

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