Worship is spiritual warfare

In Daniel 10 we glimpse a clash of kingdoms, a clash referred to by Jesus more than once, check out Matthew 12:25-28. Daniel 10 reveals how the dark kingdom of deceit and destruction assigns entities to oppress and control territories. And in Daniel we get an insight into how our prayers make a difference in the heavenlies that directly influence events on earth. Read it and wonder and remember an insight is not a complete picture, so we don’t know it all. What we do know is there is war in the heavens for the souls of men and the destiny of earth.

Our worship makes a difference in the heavenlies

Jesus has conclusively triumphed over Satan and his dark kingdom. And he did it as a man not as God. This is worth a pause and a deep breath followed by amazed astonished in awe thankyou and Amen! We know this from scriptures from Genesis to Revelation. What’s incredible is that in Christ we too are enabled and called to live in triumph. This is stunning truth, which is freely received and exercised through our faith in Jesus Christ.  I’m feeling better just writing this.

By the way, I am purposely giving a brief ‘view’ here because I want you to get into scripture and see this for yourself. Just start reading the bible somewhere and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to your heart how you have victory and triumph in Jesus Christ, and you will see glimpses of this everywhere. Don’t expect a neat complete picture, we won’t get that until we are in heaven, and maybe not even then. God is a bigger than us, therefore we only see in part. Every part is full of life, mercy, love and faith that overcomes. We need to learn to see the greatness of God’s goodness and grace in little glimpses of truth and feed on them. This strengthens our spirit, renews our mind and restores our soul

Back to main point of this blog. So there is a dark kingdom who assigns entities like the prince of Persia mentioned in Daniel 10 to territories.

The Holy Spirit said the following to me as I contemplated this.

To Paul: Satan is seeking to mirror our kingdom, the kingdom of Jesus Christ (Colossians 1:13-14). As you pray angels are empowered. So my people’s talk from fear, anxiety, selfishness, stubbornness, complaining (which is really judging Me) and from their knowledge of good and evil; empower ‘dark angels’ like the prince of Persia and his forces. Everything in creation is linked to the heavenlies, there are not two realms but one: there’s ONE realm, got it.

So my leading you into a ministry of prayer is for you to spend more of your precious little time on earth achieving more for eternity by focusing on that which makes the biggest difference.

Check this out for more http://chasingtruth.nz/2019/09/14/revival-prayer-and-worship/

Expressed worship and praise through music and singing, and intercessory prayer makes the biggest difference.

As you worship and praise us, Father, Son and Spirit , in heaven;:

  •               Power is released
  •               Angels are energised
  •               Demonic beings are weakened

All in the territory where that praise is lifted by mere spiritual humans.

And don’t get too concerned about where your influence begins and ends, that’s my business. Just do it! This is how worship affects the environment. Remember Colossians 1:17 how in Christ all things hold together. Worship is where our unity in heaven is created on earth. Unity between us in heaven and you on earth: and between you and others, and also between people and creation.

Paul, you cannot worship me in Spirit and truth and not grow in freedom and oneness with me. And you cannot grow in oneness with me without growing in freely giving what you receive freely to others. As you receive mercy you freely give mercy because you are one with mercy. It’s simple, don’t make it complicated. This is how my kingdom comes on earth. Freely you receive and freely you give.

Worship is your most powerful place and thing. Worship ‘us’ in heaven as the Creator, Truth, and Saviour; worship us as holy, love, mercy and goodness. Note how Jesus lived on earth, he lived worship.

This power in worship and prayer is why Satan desperately schemes to keep my people from getting together and worshipping ME their Creator. And when they do get together Satan schemes to make other good things seem more important than worship.

As you glimpse the awesome power of my kingdom being released as you worship, and see how this power is built and sustained around you by the ‘number’ worshiping together and their continuing in worship. You will freely, eagerly, enthusiastically and diligently seek to worship and establish worship with others for your territory and your nation.

One makes difference, but two multiplies that difference, three multiplies that and so on. The influence grows exponentially as I (Holy Spirit) manage to add one by one to those worshiping together. Not necessarily in the same place, but one with me and in me one with each other. I’m calling my people to worship and pray one by one, a multitude of eager, enthusiastic, free and willing persistent worshipers.

Paul: Wow, Wairua Tapu, I think I’ve known this in a shadowy way. Now you are showing me this is real, and that my concrete world is the shadow. Help me to get this!


There you are, an insight into my personal time with my best friend, Holy Spirit. Please note all the content credited to the Holy Spirit has been filtered through me so may be corrupted a little. So hear in your own heart what the Spirit is saying. Also note, I can bring an according to the scriptures to the concepts stated here. I’ve purposely avoided making this a bible study. Message or ask in comments if you want more or to add what you see. And if you see something contrary comment on that as well. I have no claims to infallibility.

Something huge is happening. And its coming from heaven to earth, from the Spirit to flesh, and we haven’t seen it before. I assure you we will see Jesus Christ clearer, ourselves less, and the world’s darkness clearer. And growing our disciplined worship and prayer is the gateway.


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