Revival Prayer Ride Part 15: The Church of Aotearoa that we haven’t seen yet.

I spent February 2019 riding Aotearoa, from bluff to Cape Reinga and from east to the west, praying for revival through the church of Aotearoa. There is deep desperation in me to see grace saving more people. With this I have deep refreshing in my soul, of the excitement and joy of when I first believed. Yes, the Lamb is worthy of our sacrifice; and He see’s a Church in Aotearoa, that we haven’t seen yet.

He see’s a Church in Aotearoa, that we haven’t seen yet.

Back to my ride, I camped in Matauri bay on the night of the 14th, a privilege to enjoy this beautiful place. The next day plan was to ride to Whangarei. My significant moment came in Waitangi. I was walking through the treaty grounds and asking Jesus: What prayer should I pray? And these words came to mind: “There is a heavenly gift in Maori for the body of Christ in Aotearoa, and beyond.” This stopped me in my tracks.

There is a heavenly gift in Maori for the body of Christ in Aotearoa

Holy Ground

The Holy Spirit was revealing his heart and purpose to me, I knew this was a holy moment. Let me say it like this. The Holy Spirit is saying: that reconciliation between Maori and Pakeha is the foundation to revival of salvation in Aotearoa. There is blood in the ground that is screaming for justice, and there is blood in heaven that is speaking mercy. When we bring these together in our hearts and relationships with one another, the power of the gospel will be released like never before across this land.

Heaven is waiting for us to repent. Not just for ourselves but also for our history. To repent and believe is to shift our hearts trust foundation. Now is the time for believers to trust the heart of God that Maori and Pakeha will stand as one in Christ.

There is blood in the ground that is screaming for justice, and there is blood in heaven that is speaking mercy.

I’m not saying the gospel is not powerfully saving people in Aotearoa. I’m just saying what the Holy Spirit has put in my heart. That the fullness of the gospel in New Zealand has not yet come, and the release of the gift in Maori will precede it’s coming. This is about our hearts not our understanding. It is about repentance that leads to reconciliation with restitution.

And this is not trying to figure out what this gift in Maori is. Because we can’t know until its come forth. And God gives each ‘seed’ a body as he has chosen (1 Corinthians 15:38). So this gift will be revealed in the body, the manner of God’s choosing.


This is about a covenant with one another, the covenant represented in the treaty of Waitangi. But even here its more about the Spirit of God in our covenant with one another, than the words of the Treaty. I’m not discounting these words and their importance. But there’s a deeper reality of kotahitanga (the Maori word for oneness) than can be written on down. God is in the treaty. Sure we made a mess of it; but that doesn’t discount God’s initiating the process.

Creatively Ruined

Since that moment in Waitangi, I’ve become aware the Spirit is moving in this way across Aotearoa. I recommend the book, ‘Huia Come Home’ by Jay Ruka, for deeper grasping of what the Spirit is saying. This is the oneness Jesus is praying for, for all who believe in him.

So I’m seeking, under the Holy Spirit, to be in position to add to what he is doing in these days. Here is what I see, it’s only a glimpse, but it’s the part I’ve got. So I’ll share it and add to what God is saying.

Church of Aotearoa

There was a Church of Aotearoa in this land before the first person arrived. An expression of the One New Man in Christ (Ephesians 2:15); a part of his one ekklesia across earth, his body. I’ll call this the Church of Aotearoa, CoA.

The church wasn’t brought to the land, it was in the land waiting. The Holy Spirit was hovering over the land waiting. The Church of Aotearoa was in heaven as an expression of the one church, and in the land waiting. Waiting for people to believe. Waiting for the gospel message to come. My thought is the many Maori who responded to the gospel with faith before 1840 were of this church.

The CoA is not the churches of other lands being established here. It’s the church that God saw here from before time began. It’s this church arising to take its place in the oneness of Christ in Aotearoa. And as we arise into our oneness in Christ, the world sees and believes Jesus is the Christ. The multitudes far from God are not going to believe because we look so good, and sound so smug. The bible says they will believe when we are one, kotahitanga.

I am not talking about a new denomination or movement or network. I’m talking about the Church of Aotearoa that transcends all of these. When will we learn to be in our man-made expressions of church but not of them? Because we cannot be of an organisation and of Christ in heaven at the same time. And we can’t serve two masters. We can be in these denominations and movements, but we cannot be of them. We can honour men, but we do not worship them. I hear God saying “My Church of Aotearoa is not a house made by the hands of men”.

Our land is groaning as in pains of child-birth for the Church of Aotearoa to arise, the sons of God to be revealed. And at its heart will be the gift in Maori that God had waiting for them in the land before they came. This gift will be released in kotahitanga with Pakeha.

On eagles wings

I hear God saying. “I am calling forth ‘eagles’. Those who will soar free from their nests, unfettered by fear. Many eaglets are hiding in their nests fearful of plunging into the unknown. Their trust in familiar religious, ministry and financial systems is stronger than their trust in me. Nevertheless, some are beginning to soar shaken free through the siftings of Satan.

Check this post on Peter’s sifting by Satan, as Jesus prophesied in Luke 22:31-32.

Beginning to soar

These ones who are beginning to ‘soar’ I am forming into my Aotearoa House of Prayer. This house will not be contained in a place. This house of eagles will groan and labour with heaven to birth my church in Aotearoa. An ekklesia of Maori and Pakeha as one in me.”

From the ruins comes the glory.

My prayer is that while reading this your heart leaped within you. I pray you will be encouraged and have fresh focus and commitment, and the joy of the Lord will be your strength, and truth will bring freedom.

 Please comment, ask questions, share and do with this whatever seems right. I have purposely not tried to explain everything both for practical and spiritual reasons. Practically I want to keep this as short as I can. Spiritually I don’t want add my explanations to God’s thoughts.


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