What we run after shapes our life.

What we are running after is all we will attain.

We get glimpses of truth. These glimpses can be amazing to our little minds, so full of wonder that they fascinate us. So we begin to run after the glimpse, and then the glimpse of truth becomes an idol distracting us from the Truth. Because it is are only a glimpse, it’s not the truth.

The glimpses of truth we see are meant to encourage our running after Jesus. They are not to become ends in themselves. I must always remember, I only see in part. And I’m not saved by what I see and therefore know and get right. I am saved by my faith in Jesus Christ.

I must always remember, I only see in part.

Christians are those who run to Jesus. As believers in Jesus we are not concerned about our-self, either the good or the not-so-good. I just avoided saying the ‘evil’. Because I didn’t want to offend you saying it is evil to pursue a glimpse of truth about Jesus in the place Jesus himself. But it is evil, and idolatry, and sin. I do it occasionally until Holy Spirit reveals to me what I’m doing, then I repent, I’m forgiven, and re-focused on pursuing Jesus Christ alone. Actually I used to do it regularly, now I do it rarely. Through the Father’s discipline I am better at only running after Jesus Christ.

By the way, my sin is not my problem, it’s God’s. He took responsibility for my sin when He chose to put it on the cross with Jesus Christ. I take responsibility to let him save me, forgive me, and grow faith in me.

God asks us to trust Him. He has come to us in Jesus Christ. This means the whole truth of God is seen in the person of Jesus Christ; and Jesus is the beginning and end of the scripture. So we live by faith in Jesus Christ the complete Word of God.

We don’t live by faith in our understanding of God’s plans and purposes. I promise you, whatever understanding you have created in your brain from the glimpses of truth you have seen, it is not the full, complete and final picture. You only see in part. But you do see enough to believe and run  after Jesus Christ and to live full of faith  in Him.

Faith can only exist outside of our understanding and strength. If I can understand it within myself, I don’t need faith. If I am strong enough in  myself, I don’t need faith. For that which is possible for me, I don’t need faith.

Faith is certain of what I don’t see and understand. Faith is believing that what is impossible for me is possible in Christ. This is how we glory in our weakness. Because in our weakness faith receives grace that achieves the impossible. God is not looking for confident, strong people. He is looking for those who know they can’t and aren’t enough in themselves. Do you know how weak you are in yourself? The weak who believe in Jesus receive his Spirit, the holy breath, the gift of God; and He is powerful.

Our Father’s heart is aching because many of his children are running after many things in his name that aren’t Jesus.

We look for a leader to run after? We need leaders to point us to Jesus, not to run after.

We run after each other. We look for other children like us to run with. This is immature, and the immature cannot produce the fruit God has in them.

We can’t produce spiritual eternal fruit by running after fruitfulness. We can’t produce the kingdom of God on earth by looking at each other and trying to be like each other.

Mature believers run after Jesus, they take responsibility for their roots going deep in devotion to Jesus Christ. There is rest in mature faith. This rest is free from anxiety and fear. It can be patient and wait for the Lord. I’m learning this afresh and it’s a hard lesson for me. Nevertheless, I love that our Father loves me enough to put me through discipline to teach me to be patient and restful. He’s helped me with the verse from  Lamentations 3:24 “I say to myself, “The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for him.”

Are you like me? Do you find waiting can be harder than doing? Our responsibility is to let God do his work of grace in our hearts. This means rest, patience, and obedience.

I’ll finish with an example from 1 Samuel 13:5-14

Saul was King and was meant to wait for Samuel. But fear moved him to take matters into his own hands. He did things God wanted done by Samuel. Consequently, he lost the kingdom.

(I wonder if I’m trying to do things appointed to another member of the body? Someone reading this needs to hear this. Stop doing what is not given you be the Holy Spirit to do. Ephesians 2:10 & 4:16)

While I wait for the Lord, who is my portion on earth and in heaven I must refuse to give in to fear and take serving God into my own hands. I look to Jesus and like him only seek to do what I see my Father doing.

Where is God asking you to wait? To wait patiently while you feel surrounded by reasons to be afraid. Please decide in your heart, you will not panic, you will lift your eyes to Jesus and wait for him. Simply because we are believers in Jesus, and we run after Jesus not fruitfulness.

The believer knows the difference between waiting and just being lazy. The believer knows it’s the Holy Breath that is making them lie down and wait; and when that same Holy Breath in them leads them to arise and go they know it.

Someone is going to say: How do we know? For those who are set on the ‘one thing’ of running after Jesus, fully trusting Him. They just know.

I’m praying for you to find fresh rest and patience. Don’t be concerned, those who are making every effort to enter rest in Jesus Christ will receive what is promised.

Thanks for reading.

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