What sound are we adding into our world?

The prophetic heart of the words I am sharing now is this: When the lost hearts of men hear the sound of God’s heart it speaks to them. We may hide from God, but we are also attracted to the voice, the word, the sound of the heart of God.

A glorious ruin

You see all peoples are formed to know God as their Father, and to live as one with him, in his likeness. But we (all people and creation) are a glorious ruin of the design and purpose of God; since the image of God in us was messed up. We have all deviated from our created purpose and are turning creation in chaos

However our mess cannot change the purpose of God. He said to yes to us knowing we would make a mess of it. Our Creators heart and words to us are settled and unchangeable. He is the voice walking through creation calling to our hearts: Where are you? Who have you been listening to? Come home!

The sound

Let me say it like this: Every person’s heart is formed to hear the heart of our Father in heaven, the Holy Holy Holy One True God who is Creator of all that is created. The more we the church sound like the heart of God, the more God will be heard by the hearts of those lost.

 As we the church sound like the heart of God, God will be heard by the hearts of those lost. 

Do you realise the implications of this? We are called to be the testimony of Jesus Christ. That’s a sound. We are not called to attract with appearances, but to attract by being the sound of God’s heart walking through the earth. The body of Christ, his church, sounding like Him. Therefore, maybe our success in reaching lost people, lies in how our hearts are sanctified so that our mouths sound like heaven. For as Matthew 12:34 says “Out of the heart the mouth speaks”.

The devil dazzles the eyes to win the heart, but God speaks to win our hearts. As 1 Samuel 16:8 says “We look to appearances but God looks on the heart.” And the ‘we’ who look to appearances are the ‘we’ who have become a glorious ruin of who God created us to be. Consequently the flesh of man looks to appearances, while the spirit of man looks to the heart.

God sees our heart and speaks to our heart. Will we listen? The great tragedy throughout time is those who hear with their ears and not with their hearts. Please cry out to God, ‘speak Lord I am listening, my heart needs to hear your voice; and as I hear I will obey’. Because if we are not committed to obey before we hear I think its unlikely we will hear God with our hearts. Because our pride deafens our heart to the voice of God.

In John 1:14 we read the “word of God became flesh” the logos, the heart and mind of God has spoken. Also Hebrews 1:2 tells us that God has spoken to us by his son. Everything God has to say to you and I and all people is in Jesus Christ. He is the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega, the first and the last. God has declared himself conclusively and completely in the person Jesus Christ. He authors faith in our hearts and brings it to completion. Our role is to listen, to trust and let it be so.

  The sound of our life sends ripples through eternity 

The bible says the church, his body, is now the sound of God walking through the creation and heaven. (Check it out in Ephesians 3:10) Can you see it, as you go about your daily business, you are the sound of God speaking to the heavenly entities and the hearts of men. How we speak, the sound of our life sends ripples through eternity. Sounds crazy, but we see this all through the bible. The hiding behind excuses and blame-shifting of Adam sounds all the way through time to the hiding behind excuses of people lost from God today. Likewise, the testimony of Abraham’s faith in Genesis sounds throughout time to eternity. Then there’s Jesus, the sound of his, “Father not my will but your will”, and “Father into your hands I commit my spirit”; and “it is finished” testify and prophesy into our hearts today.

For this reason the cry of my heart is; Father sanctify me with your truth, your word is the truth. (John 17:17) Because without the sanctification of my heart I won’t sound like Jesus. And if I don’t sound like Jesus, I won’t be heard by hearts desperately crying out for the God they don’t know.

We are not sent to give testimony of our ideas about God, our experiences of God, nor our faith in God: we are sent to give testimony to Jesus Christ the voice God, the final and complete speaking of God to the hearts of all people. I know someone is thinking; you’re wrong Paul, God has not completed his speaking, he is still speaking today. To that I say yes and Amen; but he is not saying anything new. He’s calling to Jesus, he’s revealing Jesus, he’s encouraging faith in Jesus, he’s sending us to testify of Jesus. What God is speaking to me will sound new because I haven’t heard it before; but its only new to me. It’s already been said in Jesus Christ.

What would happen if across our land those who claim to know Jesus made John 17:17 their prayer before God?

“Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth.” John 17:17

Will you make this your prayer?

Father, sanctify me with your truth. Wash my heart, soul and mind with your word. Purify me from unbelief and attachment to this world. And send me as the testimony of Jesus Christ, the sound of your heart in the world. To you I consecrate myself that I may be fully sanctified by your Truth.

Believe it, when God speaks his Spirit flows causing his words to be our breath of life. (John 6:63) And as we are sanctified by his truth, the sound of our words will become more and more in harmony with God’s words. With the result that our self-talk, our conversation, our day-dreaming, our prayer, our telling our story or testimony, and our preaching and teaching will sound more and more like Jesus. And the bible says: People will believe in Jesus Christ because of the sound of our life, which is the words we speak.

Check it out in John 17:20 “I do not ask for these only, but also for those who will believe in me through their word”. Its saying as Jesus was the word become flesh, so in Christ, sanctified by truth, we are becoming the word of God in our flesh.

The church is not here to dazzle the eyes of unbelievers with our appearance, but to capture their hearts with our sound. Our appearance does not speak to the heart, but our words do. And our words flow from our hearts. Therefore without sanctified hearts, cleansed by the truth and full of the Holy Spirit, we cannot make the sound that will call unbelievers to faith, and the lost to come home to our Father.

So, what would happen if across our land those who claim to know Jesus made John 17:17 their hearts prayer before God? Maybe revival!

Will we try sanctification and see what happens. The additional consequences of sanctified hearts are the peace of God ruling in our hearts and minds, and the joy of the Lord as our inner strength, unity within the body, and deeper rest and partnership in the love of God. Not bad side benefits!

I’m praying for the love of God to flood your heart as you read this, because I believe sanctification is our opportunity to receive the fullness Jesus gave his life for me to have. This is not an obligation to appease a distant God, but an invitation into the heart of a loving Father. His love is waiting for us to open our hearts to fully trusting his sanctification, Because his woo is love nor fear. http://chasingtruth.nz/2019/04/01/the-woo-of-god-is-love-not-power/

Please receive these words knowing. I don’t expect you to believe anything just because I say it, check it out in scripture, hear in your heart from God, discuss with those you do life with. Faith comes as you hear in your heart from God, not from a person. My purpose is to provoke, inspire, sow seeds and water what God is doing; and if necessary be a rebuke. I can only bring the part of the picture I see, so don’t see what I haven’t said but what I am saying. And listen to what the Spirit is saying through the diverse giftings he distributes throughout the body of Christ. Finally, I like to engage wiuth comments. And please consider subscribing and sharing.

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