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Why I self-isolate and keep social distance in the face of covid-19.

Just 4 weeks ago I went to a church service in Scotland where covid-19 social distancing was practiced, and those feeling vulnerable were encouraged to stay home. A new practice of bumping elbows replaced hand-shakes and high fives. Within a couple of days, future services were cancelled and I was facing 14 days self-isolation on

How the Spirit is leading me to pray in covid-19? A new thing!

I’m a covid-19 self-isolation by the beach in Whitianga. This might be self-isolation from people, but it’s opportunity to be up-close with Our Father. As I asked the Holy Spirit, what to pray? He said, pray for my ‘church’ to arise and shine like Daniel. In Daniel 9:2 we find Daniel reading Jeremiah’s words that

How the Spirit is leading me to pray in covid-19: Arise Shine!

Day 4 of covid-19 lock-down here in Aotearoa New Zealand. If someone had suggested this scenario six months ago, how many of us would have thought it was possible that our world be taken hostage by a virus. Our economies brought to their knees. Our personal freedoms’ freely surrendered. So here I am sitting in

God’s Discipline is our Freedom: My Journey with God.

The discipline of God is rigorous, brutal, beautiful and brings freedom. For me the discipline has come as pruning like in John 15:2. The pruning is thorough, and it’s the pruning of unbelief from my heart. This article is about my recent personal journey with God’s discipline. The pruning of our Father is to remove

What sound are we adding into our world?

The prophetic heart of the words I am sharing now is this: When the lost hearts of men hear the sound of God’s heart it speaks to them. We may hide from God, but we are also attracted to the voice, the word, the sound of the heart of God. A glorious ruin You see