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What we run after shapes our life.

What we are running after is all we will attain. We get glimpses of truth. These glimpses can be amazing to our little minds, so full of wonder that they fascinate us. So we begin to run after the glimpse, and then the glimpse of truth becomes an idol distracting us from the Truth. Because it

Revival Prayer Ride Part 15: The Church of Aotearoa.

I spent February 2019 riding Aotearoa, from bluff to Cape Reinga, from east to the west, praying for revival. There is deep desperation in me. Along with the refreshing in my soul of the excitement and joy of when I first believed. The Lamb is worthy of our sacrifice. He see’s a Church of Aotearoa

I Remember

I remember January 1978 at youth camp, Piha near Auckland. Lying in my bunk late at night listening to the ‘weird animal sounds from the dormitory below thinking this is real, this weird, this is the devil. I knew that God and I had an agreement, or at least I thought we did. I would

Things are not as they look

Classic illusion: Is this a young woman or an old woman? The Holy Spirit is saying: that in his kingdom coming on earth as in heaven, not much is as it appears to be. He’s wondering when we will look at the church through the heart of Jesus Christ and see that not much is

Worship is spiritual warfare

In Daniel 10 we glimpse a clash of kingdoms, a clash referred to by Jesus more than once, check out Matthew 12:25-28. Daniel 10 reveals how the dark kingdom of deceit and destruction assigns entities to oppress and control territories. And in Daniel we get an insight into how our prayers make a difference in