Marriage Mechanics

We would love to serve marriages in your church through our marriage mechanics seminar.

Marriage mechanics seminar aims for breakthrough and refreshing in marriages. Because we believe marriages built with the gospel are safe havens, which are growing in peace, purpose and prosperity.

This marriage seminar will embrace vision, practical and personal tools, alongside impartation.

We work with you in planning the seminar. After hearing from you we prayerfully draw from our reservoir of practical tools, teaching and experience to create a personalised seminar for your church community.


Seminars should between 3 and 5 hours input time plus allowing time for hospitality.


We offer this seminar as ministry, and as such there is no charge. However an offering or honorarium is appreciated. Any costs related to hosting and materials are your responsibility.

Contact or mobile 0273590857

grace@mye3health or mobile 0273109975