Ministry Vision

Together we are on assignment wherever God leads us, to strengthen and encourage his church.

We are fulltime intercessory and word ministry. We are supported by the financial gifts God gives to us through his body. To put it another way: Grace and Paul are missionaries of intercession, fully available to God to do what he asks us to do.

The vision burning in our heart is to see the church of Jesus Christ arise in it’s resurrection life. A generation coming forth as Sons of God who embrace the privilege of being one with Father in Christ. Sons who know his word is as powerful in our mouth as in his mouth.

We believe to see a revival of repentance and rest sweep through his church; bringing a revival of refreshing and harvest in the Holy Spirit. We see the sanctified hearts of believers preceding and being the sound that leads many lost from our Father to come home. We live to see a revival of the gospel power being fruitful; a radiant overcoming church and great gathering of souls for eternity.

We  help bring readiness into the body of Christ for the end time. Ready for the good and the bad that will come before the Lord Jesus returns. Safe in God’s mercy.

As 1 Corinthians 3:5-8 says, we minister the grace God has given to us  to plant, water, or break-through: but its God who makes his people and work on earth grow. We are devoted to local church in all it forms and not seeking to establish a ministry that distract from local church. We are not building our ministry thing.

Vision For Ministry


Our missionary call is to be Available

  • Available to God.
  • Available to pray and intercede for the gospel to powerfully save.
  • Available to the church of Jesus Christ as he leads.
  • This is why the Spirit has not allowed us to seek the ‘seen’ security of a position with income. To be available we don’t have a position with an income. We give our time fully to God and trust his supply for all our needs.



I bring an apostolic ministry of word and prayer. To sow and water what God is growing from our role as seasoned ministers of the gospel. I have  a fathering role.



Grace brings pastoral and practical ministry. An experienced counsellor she helps people get free and healthy, bringing clarity and tools around emotional and mental health and well-being; both one on one and in groups. Check out Grace’s website 


Prayer and  ministry of the word – we approach each ministry situation with prayer seeking from God a message for the people in that place.

  • Preach and Teach
    • Sunday services, small groups, classes, any hungry people
  • Mentor and Coach from our experience, training and gifting
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Short-term local church leadership.

Marriage Mechanics – Paul and Grace run this together bringing vision, practical tools, and impartation for marriage.


Contact us via email,

Paul’s mobile 0273590857                Grace’s mobile 0273109975


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Money Matters

God has  grown the conviction that we to be freely available to his church.  Our  income is the gifts and honorariums we receive. If you would like to support us in ministry:

  1. See the ‘Supporting us in mission’ page for  bank account details.
  2. Contact us directly
  3. Give anonymously through Unite Church, contact the office.

Our Home Church is in Nelson, New Zealand.