Ministry Vision

The vision burning in my heart is to see the church of Jesus Christ arise in it’s resurrection life.

A generation coming forth like a remnant. Sons of God who embrace the privilege of being one with Father in Christ. Sons who know his word is as powerful in our mouth as in his mouth. Who know his word is more powerful than every word and conspiracy of Satan, who refuse to give him attention.

Vision For Ministry


I bring an apostolic ministry of word and prayer. To sow and water what God is growing as seasoned ministries with a new level of influence. I am a father in faith.

I minister to sanctify in truth and send into the harvest with clear sound of Jesus as author and finisher of faith.

I am God’s agent of breakthrough and refreshing in the Holy Spirit. 


Grace brings pastoral and practical ministry. An experienced counsellor she helps people get free and healthy, bringing clarity and tools around emotional and mental health and well-being; both one on one and in groups. Check out Grace’s website 

Together we are on assignment wherever God leads us to strengthen and encourage his church. We desire to see the bride arise and shine with open eyes to heaven and the fresh harvest of souls on earth. Nothing less than revival.

Some Prophecies Our Father has given

June 2015 – You are an apostolic father, about to enter a new level of influence, a fathering role in a number of fellowships. With a new prophetic grace that would break through the hard places.

August 2015 – You will transition from senior pastors and start some of that missionary work that’s in your hearts with other nations. Paul, you will have an audience in Asia, Singapore and Philippines you will be surprised at.

Paul you are entering a new assignment to my body, you are on mission wherever I lead you. Your assignment to raise a ‘new tree’ in Nelson is finished. Your new assignment is not defined by a local area, but by my Spirit’s sending. You are my representative wherever I send you, you speak the words I give you for that place.

25th October 2018

Once you take that step of faith, once you step out and go – you’re going to find its very easy – the burden is going to be light. You’re going to find out you have more opportunity than what you think you’re going to have. It’s going to give you the ability to do exactly as you said in being able to focus on the one thing rather than on a lot of things and give you the freedom to move in the things you enjoy.

You’re going to enjoy what God has for you because of the faithfulness that you have before. Your faithfulness will be rewarded, will be rewarded with that in which God has planned within you, and give you the ability, joy, happiness that you’ve always known throughout your years, but it will be on a greater magnitude as you move in the things of God. Let Him be unto you what he’s always wanted to be, but sometimes you’ve not had the time for him, but now you will.

Our Home Ekklesia (Church)

Is in Nelson, New Zealand.