Vision for this blog

A vision to present the profound truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, in a way that is personal, practical. To help you to live from the wellspring of truth in an atmosphere of grace and love. 

There is a deep well of life in truth and grace through Faith in Jesus Christ, that deep is calling all to come and drink and be full.

Vision For Ministry

Paul brings a simple ministry  of aligning and refreshing the church in the person of Jesus Christ. Bringing clarity around thinking on truth

I help churches with strategic alignment of people and resource aligned in vision of worship and witness.

Grace brings pastoral and practical ministry. An experienced counsellor she helps people get free and healthy, bringing clarity and tools around emotional and mental health and well-being; both one on one and in groups.

Together we are on assignment wherever God leads us to strengthen and encourage his church. We desire to see the bride arise and shine with open eyes to heaven and the fresh harvest of souls on earth. Nothing less than revival.