Revival Prayers Part 6: Holy Spirit Fellowship

A revival of ‘Fellowship with the Holy Spirit” The prayer arising in my heart as I rode from Mokinui to Nelson was for revival of ‘fellowship with the Holy Spirit” to flow through church. Gentle Annie Campground in Mokonui is one of those rustic beautiful places. It’s refreshing just to visit. I felt a cry

Revival Ride Prayers Part 5: Worship is Intercession.

In February 2019 I went on a revival ride of over 7,000 km’s around New Zealand. I was riding with the Holy Spirit praying for New Zealand. My last camp on my South Island ride was Gentle Annie Campground on the Mokinui River, 50 kilometres up the coast from Westport, on 2nd February. It’s a

The Woo of God is Love Not Power.

For several  mornings I have been meditating on the words in John 15:4  “Remain in me, and I will remain in you”. I hear Jesus saying, remain in love with me. Maybe these words are an invitation not a command. In the bible I see the love of God inviting into the very essence of

Revival Ride Prayers Part 4: The Praying Remnant

This blog was the prayer in my spirit as I rode through Christchurch to Rolleston on 29th January. I call it the praying remnant. The remnant are those Jesus referred to in Luke 18:1-8. The Praying Remnant The Spirit led me to pray for the ‘praying remnant’ within his church. These are the ones who

Which God will we pray to?

Today 22nd March 2019 in New Zealand we face an unprecedented event. Our secular government’s call to prayer, is calling our nation to worship the muslim God. Not just a pray to this God, but a pray a prayer of submission and worship. As Christian I look to scriptures first, then creation (Romans 1:19-20), and