Revival Ride Prayers Part 4: The Praying Remnant

This blog was the prayer in my spirit as I rode through Christchurch to Rolleston on 29th January. I call it the praying remnant. The remnant are those Jesus referred to in Luke 18:1-8. The Praying Remnant The Spirit led me to pray for the ‘praying remnant’ within his church. These are the ones who

Which God will we pray to?

Today 22nd March 2019 in New Zealand we face an unprecedented event. Our secular government’s call to prayer, is calling our nation to worship the muslim God. Not just a pray to this God, but a pray a prayer of submission and worship. As Christian I look to scriptures first, then creation (Romans 1:19-20), and

Will our anger and fear stir our hearts to hunger for Jesus?

This particular blog is a prayer from the groan and hunger in my heart. The focus is those who testify to knowing Jesus Christ and being his followers. Where is our hunger? I have recently been led by the Spirit into a new appointment from which I serve Him, and his body. This appointment is

Revival Ride Prayers Part Three: Angels and Prayer.

Revival Prayer Ride in Rain on 1st February I was camping at 12 mile reserve on Lake Wakatipu. Through the night the wind began gusting powerfully, my two man tent shaking violently but holding together in the wind. At around 6.30 am I got up and decided to pack-up and go, because I wasn’t going

Revival Prayer While Riding With The Holy Spirit. Part 2

Here is part 2 of revival prayers the Spirit gave me while riding around South Island of New Zealand, from January 28th – February 2019. Here is part one: My prayer is, that these prayers will help shape your prayer for revival. I pray for the Holy Spirit to lead you in praying for