Having hope when pain is not relieved

In book of Job chapter 16, Job tells his friends they are miserable comforters. Friends whose long-winded speeches never end, bringing no relief to his pain. When in pain peoples well meaning ‘speeches’ often make us feel worse not better. Job said to his friends in chapter 13 verse five. “If only you would be

We’re all doing love and worship every day

We’re all doing love and worship every day. We worship what we love. A profound part of my worship is my daily time communicating with God with the Bible and my journal. Recently I have begun a  one year bible reading plan that gives me four readings a day. One reading this morning was  1

What you are looking for might be in the new thing.

I just wanted to sit and enjoy a quiet moment but a fly is buzzing madly as it tries too get through a window. With great effort, complete focus, and relentless attitude the fly collides with the glass again and again until its life burns out. The fly is doomed to die on the window-sill,

Our prayer is powerfully changing our world.

Will we pray? One of my favourite authors is Oswald Chambers, he is a favourite because his writing always challenge my thinking and grow my faith. He profoundly brings me to fully trusting Jesus. The following thoughts are from “If Ye Shall Ask” by Oswald Chambers. “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” James