Our praise makes an eternal difference.

Praise is Spirit of Testimony. Praise is the language of the kingdom of God and the sound of the church of Jesus Christ. When there is no sound of praise our testimony is muted. I know that every success I don’t give back to God in praise will become pride, and God opposes pride. Praise

God woo’s with love not power – love will remain.

For several  mornings now I have been meditating on the words in John 15:4  “Remain in me, and I will remain in you”. My meditations led me to Christ’s plea to the church in Ephesus to remember and return to their first love for him. Maybe these words are an invitation not a command. I

The power of your new future is in the seed.

In 1978 a new seed came alive in me when I  surrendered to Jesus Christ. I became a new person, I didn’t look like a new person, but I felt like a new person, and in many ways acted like a new person. I hadn’t learnt any new information or facts about God. As only God

What Great Love The Father Has Lavished On Us.

A significant dynamic in my journey with Jesus Christ is knowing and experiencing the great and lavish love I receive from our Father who is in heaven. My dilemma is how does love fit with obedience? The title of this blog is 1 John 3:1 “see what great love The Father has lavished on us”. 

I GET WHAT MY FAITH TAKES: seeing opportunity everywhere.

A few weeks ago I woke up thinking: If I don’t take the mountain, I don’t get the mountain, and faith takes mountains. If I don’t take the promises of God, I don’t get the promises. Grace makes promises available, faith takes them. So I began my morning reading Joshua 14, the account where Caleb