Speaker: Paul; Burton

Circumcision of the heart

That C-word! Why exactly does circumcision feature in God’s unfolding plan of redemption?  Has it been superseded, or is it still a relevant, foundational part of our faith?

Courage that steps into a new future

Paul shares about what it takes to step into an unknown future. Just as the Israelites had to get used to a new life and a new way of receiving from God when they crossed the Jordan, so we need courage to be free of our past. The key is found in trusting in Christ

Crossing the Jordan

It takes courage to move out of our current positions to where we have never been before. It takes courage to set ourselves apart for the “one thing” God has purposed for us, and to not get distracted by any number of other “good” things.

The courage of Rahab

The first step of faith in the promised land was taken not by an Israelite, but by Rahab.  Rahab caught just a glimpse of the One True God, and took a great step of faith.