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Revival Ride Prayers Part 8: A Remnant Arising

There’s a Remnant Arising. As I rode around the South Island I found myself regularly praying for God’s remnant to be encouraged, strengthened in their prayer. Because God is calling his remnant of faithful sons and daughters to arise in prayer and courageous obedience. See more here: http://chasingtruth.nz/2019/04/11/revival-ride-prayers-part-7-radical-remnant-lead-revival/ On 5th February as I was discussing

Revival Ride Prayers Part 7: Radical Remnant Lead Revival

The fore-runners of revival are a radical remnant who persevere in the prayer of faith for God to save. They are following in the foot-steps of Simeon and Anna who we read of in Luke 2:25-38. The Holy Spirit is stirring and leading a remnant within church to join him and Jesus in their intercession

Revival Prayer While Riding With The Holy Spirit. Part 2

Here is part 2 of revival prayers the Spirit gave me while riding around South Island of New Zealand, from January 28th – February 2019. Here is part one: http://chasingtruth.nz/2019/03/01/revival-prayer-while-riding-with-the-holy-spirit-part-one/ My prayer is, that these prayers will help shape your prayer for revival. I pray for the Holy Spirit to lead you in praying for

How the Spirit is leading me to pray for revival?

The Holy Spirit is not asking me or you to be perfect models of prayer. But he is asking us to be the prayers we pray. This blog follows my blog on what does revival prayer look like; you can read it here.  http://chasingtruth.nz/2019/01/16/what-does-revival-prayer-look-like/ As I launch into a new kingdom assignment, leaving my church